Career Summary

I am naturally drawn to the big picture - the “why” and the “so what” and the “how might we” - and at the same time driven to develop a deep understanding of the specializations required to achieve the desired big picture outcomes.

I shift as needed from being a generalist, crossing organizational and functional boundaries to see how everything fits together, to being a specialist, working deep in the self-contained silos that make up the parts of the whole.

My favorite projects are the ones in which I start out having no idea how I will complete them or how they will actually turn out and for which I am, in a traditional sense, generally unprepared to tackle.


Operations Lead

2021 - present
DSA, Inc.

Volunteer (Product Management and Development)

2019 - 2022
ACLU-MO (volunteer)

Product Management

2019 - 2021
DSA, Inc.

Solution Consultant

2015 - 2018
DSA, Inc.

Community Strategist

2013 - 2015
DSA, Inc.

User Research

2011 - 2013
DSA, Inc.


I like to participate in hackathons as a way to stretch outside my comfort zone, to apply what I already know to new situations and to learn new things I can apply to my work in general. Here are some of my favorites from over the past few years.

UX Research, Service Design

Code With a Cause

UX Research, Product Management


Research, Product Management

GlobalHack II

Speaking and Facilitation

A list of select events and talks I have presented or facilitated.

Journey Management and the Innovator's Dilemma
ProductCamp STL 2023
Remote work - the basics
STLX - Remote work webinar 2020
Designing for the Future We Want
STLX - World Usability Day - 2019
Individual Education Plan (IEP) as tool for inclusion - a service design perspective
World Usability Day - 2017

Other experience

Senior Systems Engineer

2001 - 2011
Janus Research Group, Inc.

Director, Knowledge Management

1999 - 2004
US Army Reserves

Knowledge Management Officer

1999 - 2001

Fielding Officer - Single Channel TACSAT

1998 - 1999
US Army

Demonstrations Manager

1996 - 1997
US Army

Director of Operations (Company Commander)

1994 - 1995
US Army

Director of Logistics (Logistics Officer S-4)

1993 - 1994
US Army

Operations Manager (Platoon Leader)

1988 - 1991
US Army